Specialist Hospital conducts Robotic Orthopaedic procedures for those who require partial or total knee or hip replacement by using Navio Systems. We are the first and the best private hospital in the state to provide robotic orthopaedic procedure. The robotic system is better than traditional methods. It offers accurate placement of your plants, which means you will have a more natural feeling and experience for post-partial knee replacements and smaller differences in leg lengths after a total knee replacement.


NAVIO-enabled Knee Replacement also includes some complications like any other surgical procedure. It is not for children, pregnant women, patients who have mental or neuro disorders that do not allow control of the knee or joint replacement. This technology enables the specialist to precisely remove only the damaged components of the damaged bone, This technique provides a more normal feeling knee and quicker recovery for the patient.

Advantages Of NAVIO System

The NAVIO system provides two most advantages for people undergoing knee replacement surgery. These include:
⦁ It helps your surgeon in creating a highly individualized model that is specific to the unique shape and motion of your knee. While other robotic-assisted platforms require CT scans, the NAVIO system does not have any need for them, meaning you will not be harmed by potentially harmful radiation with this type of imaging.
⦁ The second important advantage is robotic assistance. This advanced technology is designed to improve the accuracy of the surgery and it gives you better long-term outcomes.

Specialist Difference

Specialist Hospital’s Robotics department has a team of highly specialized doctors headed by Dr Prashant who is an expert in complicated Orthopedic Procedures. They are internationally recognized and provide treatment to patients suffering from all types of orthopaedic and spinal conditions. Our robotic-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to increase the capabilities of the surgeons for conducting open surgeries. The outcome of the surgeries is very accurate and satisfactory.

Success Stories

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